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Ferrous Scrap

Ferrous scrap refers to scrap metal that primarily consists of iron and steel. It is a valuable and recyclable resource that plays a crucial role in the circular economy and sustainable metal production. At Unique Group, we specialize in the collection, processing, and trading of ferrous scrap, offering a range of services to meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide.

Ferrous scrap materials are sourced from various sectors, including manufacturing, construction, automotive, and demolition. These materials undergo rigorous sorting, processing, and preparation to remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring their suitability for recycling and subsequent use in steel production. By recycling ferrous scrap, we contribute to reducing the reliance on virgin iron ore and the environmental impact associated with its extraction and processing. Moreover, the recycling of ferrous scrap helps conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize landfill waste.

The main types of ferrous scrap include:
  • Heavy Melting Scrap (HMS)
  • Shredded Scrap
  • Plate and Structural Scrap (P&S)
  • Cast Iron Scra.
  • Busheling

Ferrous Scraps


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